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This is more of a single player but it could also be a multiplayer or it has the capability to battle Digimons with your friends. This game is like Tamagotchi or even Digivice if you ever got the chance to play that. It is v-pet but for your computer.  It started with a  couple of developers and got there's only one remaining developer that is keeping it going at the moment. He is developing an app for this game and he is posting everything on a Facebook Page, link would be included down below so that everyone could check it out. I've compiled all of the different PC versions of the game from the very first copy to what it is now.

I do believe that the pc version of this game is still on pause or it might be forgotten; since the developer is developing an app for this. We all know that it is a handful whenever you start on a solo-project. So everyone is antsy on their seats waiting for a news.

Here's the list of versions that I found. You guys that are players are willing to share files with me of the different versions of dmpc if you still have it.

1 (hopefully that this might be the official file since I got this from an unreliable source.)
2.0  (This is the second version and colors and details are added into the skin.)
2.0.2 (It looks like 3 with colors but it has a different skin, so far that is how you can distinguish the version. Also the UI buttons are colored here.)
2.3B (an unofficial version of DMPC's original first release in a way that it is not beta.) This is black and white.
3.0.06 (The first time they added training version 2) (added new digimons, they normally do it to most of the updates.)
3.1.0 (I think they added the feature of making multiple raising easier)
3.1.3-3 (most stable versions)

Pro Versions
1.0.2 (I do know for one thing that hackers are having a hard time cracking this system up. It's much safer than the older version.)
1.0.3 (A couple of updates and fixes from the previous version)

D-Pet B.0.2 (the latest release of the PC Version)

I will not include the apk files since it is available on the website (for now he normally deletes links)
For more information about this versions just press 'F1' after you've lunched and loaded your file.

Some Videos About DMPC
Tips and Tricks by BlueNBlack
Official FB Page
Developers Blogspot
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