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Development Changes Day 5 Empty Development Changes Day 5

I have a lot of things to tackle here on Day 5 and some important announcements. Due to the fact that I'm having problems editing the forum but thankfully was concluded by a returning member.


Today we have a couple of Steam Emoticons added as usual. This Steam Emoticon was from a game called "2064: Read Only Memories"
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Description Copy and Pasted throughout steam:

  • Old-school, cutting-edge - Classic point-and-click adventuring inspired by the likes of Gabriel Knight and Snatcher is melded with modern branching storytelling that delves into identity, individuality, and what it means to be human.

  • People of the future - Get to know a diverse cross-section of Neo-SF’s population, brought to life by some of the best voice talent working in games today, including Melissa Hutchison and Dave Fennoy (The Walking Dead), Erin Yvette (Oxenfree), Austin Creed (WWE’s Xavier Woods), and internet stars Jim Sterling (Jimquisition) and SungWon Cho (ProZD).

  • High tech nostalgia - The city of Neo-San Francisco is rendered in beautiful pixel art, and your adventure is accompanied by a catchy low-fi electronic synth soundtrack.
    Solve the mystery - Enjoy over ten hours of adventure gaming goodness, featuring exploration, dynamic branching conversations, multiple endings, and many challenges to overcome.

  • The definitive PC edition - Since its launch two years ago, the team has made many improvements and additions to an already amazing game, making this the ultimate version. Additions have included new characters and voice performers, additional facial animations, Japanese language support, and the “Endless Christmas” extended epilogue that allows you to hang out with your favorite Neo-SF locals.

Steam Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

:jess: :tomcatrom: :alphie: :lexi:

It's Jess! It's TOMCAT! Cool, refreshing Alp It's Lexi!

Also we have some new set of emoticons which would be called "Jimmy". Jimmy is our forum's mascot and his head is the logo of the forum created on  ???? July 24, 2018. Also located on Day 4 of development changes.


 :Jangry: :JBobRoss: :JCold: :JMustache: :JNormal: :JDead: :JDizzy: :JHappy: :JRollEyes: :JSad: :JScared: :JUndead:

Angry Jimmy Bob Ross Jimmy Cold Jimmy Mustache Jimmy Neutral Jimmy Dead Jimmy Dizzy Jimmy Happy Jimmy Eye Roller Jimmy Sad Jimmy Scared Jimmy Zombie Jimmy

There would be more emoticons of Jimmy in the future, also making him a first badge of our upcoming update.

Upcoming Features

We will finally make use of the point system and make a Category for the shop. Badges are used for bragging and used for awarding loyal members of the forum.
This reward system is not an automatic thing, adding and subtracting points would be a manually done so, it may take time to processes your points. There would be a dedicated category for the shop. The Category would include

  1. Badge Shop
  2. Badge Updates (within Badge Shop)
  3. Badge Creators
  4. Name Effect Shop
  5. Purchase Requests (both for badge and name)

Also we have a new feature called Game Night due to the fact that I would be leaving everything (posts, thanks, vote and friends) to +1 so that points wouldn't be easily farmed by members. Earning of points would be dedicated under Forum Games For more information about this click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Around this time everyone would be set to +0 points so that we can start from the scratch after implementing this updates.

For dices I've assigned my old dummy account as a "Dice Master" for dice results

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