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Development Changes for Day 1 Empty Development Changes for Day 1

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I have added a new theme for the forum, which is so much better than the old classic forum theme and style.
There are new emoticons, currently, I am still working on a couple of emoticons along the way. These emoticons are not mine and were taken from Steam and are based on a game called Transistor. Please do check it out if you don't have anything to do.
 :cell:  :heyred:  :prism:  :yikes:

How it looks like:
Transistor Emoticon  Transistor Emoticon  Transistor Emoticon  Transistor Emoticon

I'm still trying to make a couple of changes with some bugs, mostly whenever you preview posts, it actually erases a couple of emoticons/emojis.

The Preview is now fixed, in order to preview a reply a popup will show up with your preview. In order to close this preview box, you just have to scroll up and will see the close button.

There are new categories and topics. Such as Rules and Guidelines (I am still working on the rules but it is pretty generic)
Still fixing reputation.
Everything else is still getting figured out, mostly it would be really slow due to the fact that I am not well versed with coding in general. Though here is the list of the things on my to-do list at the moment.

  1. Character Sheets (for RPGs)
  2. Dices (same as above+)
  3. Emoticons
  4. Cursors
  5. Logo
  6. Forum Mascot
  7. Chat? (really unsure about adding chat just yet)
  8. Advertisement Banners/Signature

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