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Fundamental Corner Rules Empty Fundamental Corner Rules

Fundamental Croner Rules

We all know that this is your corner to do almost anything freely. We're pretty understanding when it comes to how many times you want to make topics about all sorts of things but never ever spam. Let's be honest who likes spamming?

1. Don't be a troll  Transistor Emoticon

  • Don't spam

  • Don't advertise (most likely advertising annoying unnecessary things such as those sites that sells in-game money.)

  • Please do not excessively flame others. We like drama but not too much to a point of no return.

  • Respect community, staff and future staff. I do believe that those people who tend to abuse staff don't belong in our community in the first place.

  • We do not allow racial, sexual or other labeling/byname or otherwise jokes or appeal. Members reported with such ignorance will taste an automatic ban.

2) Keep your conflicts private.

  • When the disagreements arise in a discussion, address them respectfully and in good faith.

  • Unable to address disagreements respectfully and in good faith, try to work it out in private. People respond better when confronted in private rather than confronted publicly. You can have a more honest chat that way.

  • Don't harass people. If someone asks you to stop communicating with them in private messages, then stop. If you ask someone to stop, then you need to stop, too.

  • GMs and Co-GMs have the final say on disagreements within their threads. It's fair to discuss disagreements in the OOC tab, but keep it civil and don't belabor the point. They can ultimately ban you from the roleplay thread. You can always start your own roleplay with your own rules.

  • Don't discuss bans on the public forum. PM @trecklerzzz if you want to discuss or appeal your ban.

  • Keep drama off the public forum.

3) Keep mature content off the public forum.

  • Be 18+ years old.

  • No smut on the public forum. Keep it to PMs.

  • No explicit images on the public forum. No nip-slips or other permutations of nudity and sex, which includes Japanese anime-style blurred genitalia. (err on the side of caution)

  • Use the "18+" tag when creating mature Interest Checks, but conduct the Roleplay in private.

  • We tolerate a superficial amount of mature themes in public roleplays, but take it to PM before things get too graphic. We have to hide public roleplays when they get too heavy.

  • For more specifics on Mature Style Roleplays, please refer to our Guidelines for Mature Roleplays

  • Any endorsement of child sexuality or any kind of discussion (jokes, internet memes, comments, and messages) are not allowed in Round The Corner

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