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A Dragon Age Roleplay (walk-in)

This roleplay is inspired by everything Dragon Age (Video Game). By walk-in it means to say that everyone can join without my say. Walk-in players must follow the rules though, or else they can be booted  out of the roleplay immediately.

The settings would be within Thedas. Since Thedas is the only continent that is known to the whole Dragon Age lore to be honest. Thedas is known to be located in the southern hemisphere.

The roleplay would also contain information and lores about the entire Dragon Age Universe that I would be basing on wiki. Since I am not well versed with these things. It would be set around the end of Dragon Age Inquisitions and involves NPCs like Varric, Hawke, Cassandra, Morrigan and others.

Do take note that even this is not a table-top we might use dice rolls on certain occasions.

Locations would be structured as so, so that players knows where to start their characters and the minimum characters per player is under how much they could handle actually.

The Anderfels is best known for being the birthplace of the Grey Wardens and the site of their headquarters, Weisshaupt Fortress.

  • Hossberg (capital)


  • Weisshaupt
    Weisshaupt Fortress is the headquarters of the Grey Wardens. It is located on the edge of a jagged butte called Broken Tooth in the southern Anderfels.

A plutocratic nation in northeastern Thedas.  Although it possesses few resources of its own, Antiva's location makes it a center for trade in the north. Antiva's wine trade, buoyed by its fruitful vineyards and an aggressive approach to trading practices with other nations, is one of the country's main resources, allowing for a relatively prosperous life for its citizens.


  • Antiva City (capital)


  • Tellari swamps

And Etc

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