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Special Tags For Events Forum10

These are the tags that are used for events and not to be used in regular posts.

xxxx#GameNight - Used for Forum Games that includes earning points. PM @Trecklerzzz whenever you host your own #GameNight Event
Rules of game night for hosts

  • Make sure to submit an application before publishing your topic
  • Read the rules first, if you read all the rules highlight and submit this in your application > Xxylmpe
  • Make sure to use #GameNight in your Topic
  • Please do not make any sexual or explicit forum games. It would be also violating the rules posted http://rounddcorner.forumotion.com/t5-fundamental-corner-rules
  • Be nice to all the players participating in your game. In short don't be bias and give each person a chance.
  • You need to be at least 24 hours active in order to host your own Game Night
  • You can only give a maximum of +10 points to each players per game in a One-Shot event
  • There can be only 3 Game Night event at a time (In order to reserve slots, submit your applications @Trecklerzzz under the name of "Reserve Slot GN")applications can be seen below
  • Use the Testing Forums in order to keep your resources if you are planning to test how the topic would look like. (It's safer that way, so you don't have to keep editing your topic.)



[color=#ffff56]Username:[/color] input your username here
[color=#ffff56]Event Title:[/color] place here the name of the topic
[color=#ffff56]Mechanics:[/color] what is the event all about?
[color=#ffff56]Point System:[/color] how does your point system work?
[color=#ffff56]Duration:[/color] (One-shot or Continuous)

Username: Captain Underpants
Event Title: Casino Royale
Mechanics: A place where people can farm points for badges. There are also users here who can work as a dealer in order to compete with others.
Dealers must add the title "Dealers" On their signature.

Slots- Players generally roll three dice in an attempt to land on three identical numbers.
Multi- The dealer rolls 2 dice, and adds them up. He then rolls a third dice, and multiplies the number already achieved by adding the two dice. He then does this for the better. The person with the highest number wins.
13o - Player rolls all 5 dice. After the player gave the dealer his/her bet, he/she will roll 5 dice. If the player over 13 you bust and automatically lose, without the dealer rolling. If you're at 13 or below, you automatically stay. Then it's the dealer's turn. If he busts or gets a lower number, player win. Dealers do NOT auto stick on 11,12, or 13 unless there is a situation of a tie (i.e. Better has 11, Dealer has 11 the dealer cannot then hit to a 13)

Point System:
For players
Slots: +2 for each win and -2 for each lost
Multi: +3 for each win and -2 for each lost
13o: Depending on the bet but the maximum is +5

For Dealers:
Multi: +3 for each win and -2 for each lost
13o: they lose don't lose any amount of points and doesn't gain either
Duration: Continuous

Reservation Skeleton:

Username: Your username
Game Name: Title of the game
Duration: One-shot or continuous

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